The benefits of community

Posted by Janice Scheckter on 05 January 2022, 16:50 CAT
8 Benefits of Building a Branded Online Community

But like we said earlier, a community can accomplish far more than just one thing. Future-focused organizations invest in online communities because they know that sustained engagement (users coming, going, and returning) creates generative value.

Benefits from a branded community trickle down to increase satisfaction, revenue, and help grow entire organizations, including growing customer loyalty. With a community, you can:

  • Create real connections
  • Stand out from the competition with a better customer experience
  • Generate leads and acquire new members
  • Improve your products and programs by gathering and addressing feedback
  • Decrease support costs by crowdsourcing support
  • Increase revenue through in-community advertising and more
  • Drive referrals by giving your advocates a voice in the community
  • Grow your organization

Source: HigherLogic

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The benefits of community
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